One Speaks



Bulging. Ripping open. Turning inside out. Unfolding its organs and spreading their bloom on the surface. A plant. Applying itself to itself. Lovers grow out my veins. Thrusting forward, digging in and upward to the sky and spiraling thorns of branchlike figures. Engulfed by a sphere, samelike. Samelike several spheres connecting tissues. Spiking monads crawling, grappling, fighting for the image; to represent. To see.

The battle of visibilities, to see without being seen. War. Selection. Beneath, beneath the wall. To sleep, to eat, to fall. The eye that mirrors all, itself it mirrors not. To see the gaze, to see the gaze is the task of all philosophy. To mirror that which mirrors null. With God we seek the call. An anxious battlecry to save the world. A worldly world of being, wordly word of language, space and number. A dietetics of wisdom.




Giorgi Vachnadze

Scholar of Michel Foucault and Ludwig Wittgenstein.